the PINNACLE of nutec, wooden HOMES(pty) ltd, & wendy houses

Quality, reliable, & affordable

At Pinnacle Homes we have our thumb on the pulse of what it means to create a high quality home with longevity to match. With decades of combined experience amongst our artisans, we have become a household name in the Western Cape when it comes to supplying hand-crafted wooden homes, home improvements and an array of other speciality products. We pride ourselves on our world-class quality of work and high attention-to-detail at all times, and offer flexible payment plans to suit all our clients.

What we do

Why choose Pinnacle Homes

No matter the size and scope of the job, our team is always willing. Whether you require a simple steel shed for storage or a modern and stylish Nutec home, we offer top-notch service to suit all requirements. With our extensive network of professional artisans, we have leveraged our skill base and offer speciality products such as:

  • Nutec Homes
  • Wendy houses
  • Steel sheds
  • Vibracrete walls and homes
  • Houses on stilts
  • Home improvements

We like to think we bring the best-of-the-best together when working on any single project. Our artisans are all highly qualified and professional, ensuring all our work is guaranteed. Whether you require a plumber, carpenter, tiler, painter, electrician or builder, Pinnacle Homes is a one-stop shop that provides it all for our clients.

What our clients say...

Suzie Welch

Glenwood- Cape Town

Suzie Welch wendy house

"Michael and his team built my mum in law her Nutec cottage on our property in 2013 Their work ethic was top notch. The guys work respectful, hardworking and above all else, got the job done On the occasions that they ran late due to traffic issues, they worked late in order to keep to their deadline promise
Michael Emmanuel is professional in all he does. He oversaw the crew and build and even got stuck in himself when and where required With building, problems arise BUT Michael dealt with it, efficiently and swiftly and he kept the costs as close to the quoted price
We have even received follow up visits from him, so he offers the whole package of sales, commitment and the after sales promise
I definitely recommend Michael and his team for any job, big or small. You can be guaranteed of his workmanship and professionalism and a beautiful outcome"

Zieyaad Wallace

Cape Town

Zieyaad Wallace wendy house

"Hi Michael, I want to thank you for your patience and endeavours to build us our Nutec Home you have really gone an extra mile to keep us happy. I will definitely recommend you to anyone and I have already recommended you to many of my friends.
It is rare to find doing business with people nowadays and they honor their agreements."

Who are we?

Pinnacle Homes is a premier name in quality custom Wendy Houses, Nutec Houses, Log Houses, Vibracrete Houses, wooden home relocations, and general home improvements.

We provide a professional, reputable, and reliable service. Our team of craftsmen deliver the best in quality workmanship, which is all backed by our full guarantee.

Personal Attention to detail is our hall mark at Pinnacle Homes. Each customer has their own unique needs and requirements, and we bring our knowledge and experience to bear to ensure that you get the exact answer to your needs. And you can proceed safe in the knowledge that all work is completed by our team of qualified artisans. Whether they are plumbers, carpenters, builders, tilers, painters, electricians, or the guy who makes the tea, only qualified professionals are allowed to work on our products.

So whether you are looking for a home to live in, extra space in your current property, or moving completely, we have the answer for you. Why not contact us now and find out how Pinnacle Homes can help you.