the modern building system- Vibracrete; professional walls, & solid buildings

Vibracrete: solid, secure, simple.

At Pinnacle Homes we pride ourselves on our wide range of products offered to our customers as well as precise and highly professional workmanship at all times. Yes, our business specialises primarily in the construction of wendy houses and wooden homes, but our service does not end there. We are also specialists in supplying concrete products, such as vibracrete walls to assist in fully protecting your home or business property, while we are also able to build full structures to create a beautiful home.

The vibracrete products we supply include the following:

  • Precast concrete panels
  • Prefab wall panels
  • Precast concrete fence panels
  • Vibracrete slabs
  • Ready made walls
  • Vibracrete walls

What exactly is vibracrete?

This product is basically just pre-cast cement and is commonly used within the construction industry due to its high levels of strength and mobility. Our concrete is cast into a reusable mold and cured in a controlled environment to create our high quality vibracrete panels and walls. The benefits of vibracrete are second-to-none and are highly popular because of their maneuverability and versatility to create a myriad of structures, ranging from fences, to interior and exterior walls, to entire homes.

At Pinnacle Homes we are able to create beautiful homes complete with expert roofing and plaster or cladding on the interior of the house. If you’re looking for a quote for any of our vibracrete products, get in touch with us on: cell: 083 730 9360.

Some recent projects

vibracrete garden cottage
Vibracrete fencing
Vibracrete fencing
Vibracrete house

Why choose Pinnacle Homes

For your Vibracrete house or fence?

Big or small, simple sheds and fences to full sized homes, we have the expertise to exceed your expectations.

Vibracrete is now a very large part of what we do, and this has allowed us to become specialists in the application of this versatile, modern material.

A Vibracrete will last a very long time, so you want to ensure that it is installed 100% correctly and complies with all building regulations. And by using Pinnacle Homes you can rest easy knowing that the Vibracrete experts are on the job.

Contact us now and get your project off the ground.