the NUTEC wendy house SPECIALISTS

Why Choose a Nutec Wendy House?

Nutec is a tradename for man-made cement fiber boards. Fibre cement materials comes in ship lap or hand planks in form of slates or they can be flat Solid Board, made with added resistant to or against termite, rodent and moisture, used for the building of homes which is our core business or flooring, siding, gates, partitioning, walling, roofing, and cladding.

It offers strength ,stability ,and versatility in applications.

Nutec is Eco Friendly and certified by SABS or SATA standards.

It saves energy in houses and contributes to living in harmony with nature –green,hard wearing and easy to maintain.

  • Rot Resistant
  • Termite and Insect Resistant
  • Low Shrinkage and Non Warping
  • More Durable
  • Weather Resistant
  • Easy to Paint
  • Dimension Stability
  • Maintenance Free
  • Environmentally friendly.

Some recent Nutec projects

new office complex rear
pool cottage 2
nutec garden cottage
nutec cottage interior
nutec extension
nutec office building
nutec office building
nutec office complex
pool cottage
nutec office complex
nutec office complex central court
Office building interior
Large Nutec wendy house with patio doors
Small, Square Nutec wendy
Nutec garden studio
Complete Nutec garden flat
Nutec Wendy with stoop
nutec wendy with sliding doors
nutec wendy house night time
nutec wendy house lit up
multi window nutec wendy house
l shaped nutec wendy 2
l shaped nutec wendy
interior wooden floor
interior large
interior kitchenette
interior 2
garden cottage
door and window installation
bathroom 2
bathroom 1
basin and shower
Large Nutec Wendy, with flat panels
Large Nutec Wendy with plumbing
Large Nutec Wendy, with flat panels
L-shaped Nutec Wendy with rendered walls
Small garden workshop
Rendered Nutec wendy before painting
Nutec garden flat
Nutec Wendy 1
Nutec Wendy 2
Nutec Wendy 3
Nutec Wendy 4
Nutec Wendy 5
Nutec Wendy 6
Nutec Wendy 7
Nutec Wendy 8
Nutec Wendy 9
Nutec Wendy 10
Nutec Wendy 11
Nutec Wendy 12
Nutec Wendy 13
Nutec Wendy 14
Nutec Wendy 15
Nutec Wendy 16
Nutec Wendy 17
Nutec Wendy 18
Nutec Wendy 19
Nutec Wendy 20

Why choose Pinnacle Homes

For your Nutec Wendy house?

Big or small, simple sheds to full sized homes, we have the expertise to exceed your expectations.

Nutec is now a very large part of what we do, and this has allowed us to become specialists in the application of this versatile, modern material.

A Nutec Wendy house is an investment, it will last a very long time, so you want to ensure that it is installed 100% correctly and complies with all building regulations. And by using Pinnacle Homes you can rest easy knowing that the Nutec experts are on the job.

Contact us now and get your project off the ground.