what About Pinnacle Homes(pty) ltd makes US the right fit for you

Our History

Pinnacle Homes started operating in 2008* which is now a trading name for Pinnacle Homes and Projects Pty(ltd)- (registration number 2015414265).

It began when a group of professionals working for other Wendy House companies decided that there must be a better way of doing things. Each member had at least 10 years of experience in the Wendy House and home improvement industry and was an expert in their field. And so Pinnacle Homes came into being.

The concept was simple- to listen to the customer, assess their exact needs and then provide the services of skilled artisans to answer that need, all at an affordable price. And yet it is a very uncommon approach in the wendy house industry where standard units mean lower costs, and forced compromises for customers.

Although the initial focus was on Wendy Houses, having a skilled team on hand has led Pinnacle Homes to branch out in other directions. We remain committed to excellence in both traditional wooden wendy houses and also Nutec properties, and have become specialists in relocating all sizes of wooden framed structures- even up to full size houses. Now our skilled artisans are on hand for other home improvements depending on our customer's needs.

*As Pinnacle Homes and Kaap Stad Wendies, operating Trade Names of the registered company TBM Home Improvements CC (CK 2009/176989/23)

Pride in what we do

We take pride in our work and love what we do. It drives us to provide excellent service and quality workmanship. We are so proud of our quality and confident in our abilities that all our work carries a structural guarantee of no less than 5 years.

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Why Choose Pinnacle Homes(pty)Ltd

We like to think we bring the best-of-the-best together when working on any single project. Our artisans are all highly qualified and professional, ensuring all our work is guaranteed. Whether you require a plumber, carpenter, tiler, painter, electrician or builder, Pinnacle Homes is a one-stop shop that provides it all for our clients.

Our specialist services

When it comes to our specialist services, we offer more than just a singular service:

  • Nutec Wendy houses: we are experts in the modern building material, Nutec
  • Wendy houses: we offer affordable wendy houses and log homes for sale
  • Wooden Houses: we also do wooden houses with permanent foundations- from small cottages, to full size houses
  • Steel sheds: we can create metal garden sheds, metal garages, storage sheds, steel huts and more
  • Vibracrete walls: we offer precast concrete panels, prefab wall panels, precast concrete fence panels and more
  • Houses on stilts: we supply drawing plans, lay the home’s foundation and design to your exacting specifications
  • Home improvements: our services range from entire home renovation to general contract improvements

Pinnacle Homes(pty)Ltd is a true expert in the field of home construction and renovation and guarantees a quality house in which you can create your home. Contact us for a quote today on: cell: 083 730 9360 or click here