the modern Wooden House is the answer to any structural requirement

Wooden house or Wendy house?

What's the difference?

Wendy houses are considered to be temporary structures- they have no permanent foundations, and so can be moved if required.

A wooden house is built on some form of permanent foundation. No matter if its a full size house, or a simple additional outbuilding, they are permanent structures.

There is an additional layer of planning required, and the building regulations are much stricter, but what you end up with is a building that is here to stay.

You may be tempted to think a wooden house is just a wendy house on a slab, but there are things you cannot do with a wendy house- like have more than one floor or more interesting architecture. Wendy houses have very definite limitation that wooden houses do not.

And if its built by us, its here to stay for a long time.

  • Quicker to build than brick and mortar or concrete structures
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Blend perfectly into any setting
  • Look absolutely fantastic

We have built homes, studios, offices, and garden cottages, holiday homes, and guest suites- if you require extra space, and want it to be permanent and as solid as it can be, then a wooden house is the perfect solution.

And we have a start to finish service, with skilled artisans in all fields, no additional contractors, no logistical hassles for you.

Some recent wooden houses

Two story wooden house
Single story wooden house
Constructing a log cabin style wooden house
Zinc sheeting going on a wooden house
sturdy double story framework ready for cladding
Lodge cabin

Why choose Pinnacle Homes

For your Wooden house?

Big or small, studios to full sized homes, holiday homes or primary residence we have the expertise to exceed your expectations.

Building a wooden house is very different to putting up a wendy house- its a whole different skill set, with unique challenges, building standards, and compliances.

At Pinnacle Homes we have the skill and experience to deliver you a superior wooden house.

Contact us now and get your project off the ground.